English for Agriculture

Agriculture, as other businesses, is becoming more and more international. English for Agriculture is a specialized course offered by C.C. Communication designed to meet the language needs of agriculture professionals who want to improve their English in their work environment. The course offers you the opportunity to improve your English skills in all areas and prepare to work with business partners and agriculture professionals from around the world.

Some topics in the course include:

  • Animals: housing, feeding, breeding, behaviour and health
  • Various farm industries: beef, swine, poultry, dairy, sheep, equine and apiculture
  • Crops: seeds, plant growth, harvest, cropping systems, crop problems, soil conservation
  • Climate and weather: growing seasons
  • Government intervention: pricing, international trade, the futures market
  • Sustainable farming
  • Technological advances
  • Organic farming

The course supplies over 400 vocabulary terms and phrases, as well as reading, writing, speaking and listening practice. Emphasis is on improving English language skills in all areas and preparing you for international communication.

The course material is divided into three levels and because it focuses on specialized vocabulary the student should be familiar with the basics of English. We will design the course to suit the needs, levels and schedules of the participants. Level testing can also be provided.

Prepare yourself for working in an international farming environment!


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