English for the Fashion Industry

Our English for the Fashion Industry course is for professionals who need to communicate with colleagues, suppliers, customers and clients in the fashion industry. The course is designed to meet the special needs of students involved in the fashion industry, whether it is in design, production or promotion. The emphasis is on key vocabulary targeting all stages of garment construction, including design, manufacture, shipping and retail as well as customer/client relations and marketing. The objective is to help the students learn relevant vocabulary, phrases and expressions as well as improve general English skills such as grammar, speaking, listening comprehension and writing using materials such as dialogues, authentic texts and grammar exercises. During the lessons, the main focus will be on activating speaking skills and encouraging participants to communicate in English.

The course may include the following topics:

  • Business and marketing terms: brand, buyer, merchandiser, retail, wholesale, etc.
  • Fabrics and fibers: cotton, leather, nylon, spandex, velvet, etc.
  • Clothing items: blazer, cape, cardigan, strapless dress, etc.
  • Clothing parts: collar, cuffs, lining, hem, necklines, etc.
  • Accessories, bags, shoes: hats, gloves, clutch, tote, flats, flip flops, loafers
  • Adjectives/ways to describe fashion: dated, staple, must-have, signature look
  • French words commonly used in fashion: atelier, faux pas, modeliste, etc.
  • Jobs: stylist, retail manager, pattern engineer, designer, etc.

In addition to the above, the course may be tailored to provide deeper insight into areas of the fashion industry or English language issues which are particularly relevant for the participants. The main objective of the course is to prepare a fashion industry professional who is able to communicate fluently in English in all work situations. C.C. Communication will help you achieve this goal.

Our teachers are experienced professionals and native speakers of English. Because the course focuses on specialized vocabulary, the participants should be familiar with at least the basics of English. If necessary, we can assess the levels before the course begins. The course is arranged to suit the needs, levels and schedules of the students.


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