English for the Maritime Industry

English for the Maritime Industry is a specialized course which focuses on the main language skills and vocabulary recommended by the IMO for mariners and trainees. The context is exclusively maritime, so students learn the English they need at work and practice using this language in realistic situations, learning the correct use of SMCP’s, VTS terminology, protocols, GMDSS and general sea jargon. The course is designed to help the students improve their practical skills and gain confidence, to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation they may face on international waters. Emphasis is placed on improving spoken skills and the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently with correct pronunciation and relevant vocabulary.

The course includes the following topics:

  • Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP): NATO phonetic alphabet, radio checks, numbers and giving positions, message markers, courses, warnings and advice, helm orders, engine orders, weather warnings and advice, distress and urgency, medical conditions, prohibitions, dockside communication
  • Sea jargon: identifying location, position and direction on board, the language of Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), ship behaviour, technical problems, INTERCO-the International Code of Signals, engine faults, COLREGs terminology
  • General vocabulary: ship parts, tasks on board, line and anchor orders, geographical features, describing routes, deck logs, parts, tools and operations, weather words, medical conditions: treatments, signs and symptoms, language of rules and regulations, navigational hazards, quayside vocabulary, reporting cargo status and condition

In addition to the above, the grammar necessary for producing clear and concise structures is reviewed. The course is customized to suit the levels, needs and schedules of the students. If necessary, we can assess levels before the course begins.

Because the course focuses on specialized vocabulary, the participants should be familiar with the basics of English.


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