English for Medicine and Health Care

This course is for professionals of medicine or health care who need English at work; for those who feel they lack all the necessary skills when dealing with patients in English. This course can help you, your colleagues or your employees achieve the skills needed.

English for Medicine and Health Care is a special course from C.C. Communication that is targeted to all professionals working in the industry. During the course, our trainer will use simulation exercises, with which the students can prepare themselves to encounter the real-life challenges at their work. At the same time, their vocabulary will expand naturally.

The course can cover the following topics:

  • Making a diagnosis: asking questions, examining a patient, explaining a diagnosis
  • Treatment: medical treatment, physiotherapy. Giving instructions to the patient
  • Investigations: explaining and discussing investigations
  • Bringing bad news
  • Giving first aid
  • At a hospital: receiving patients, assessing symptoms and pain, taking samples; dealing with psychiatric patients; death.
  • Hospital as a workplace: discussing with supervisors, supervising and scheduling others etc.

Because of the special terminology used, the students should have at least basic skills in English. We tailor-make the course to suit the more specific needs of the students. In addition to the medical language, the course may contain other areas of English, such as relevant grammar issues or giving presentations. Our training can help you or your employees achieve the skills needed for succeeding in the globalizing world. Course can be arranged either as an individual or small group course and set up to best fit your schedule, your needs and your budget.


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