English for Naval Professionals

English for Naval Professionals is a specialized course from C.C. Communication for people who are serving or intending to serve as naval professionals. In this increasingly international profession it is essential to be able to communicate with naval personnel from all over the world. It is important for sailors to use the right terms to avoid miscommunication. The course offers career-specific vocabulary and contexts and addresses topics related to various aspects of naval life. It includes career-specific dialogues and vocabulary, as well as job-specific reading, listening, speaking and writing exercises.

The course may include the following topics:

  • Ships and boats: structures, types, systems, characteristics, organization
  • Seamanship: marlinespike, mooring, anchoring, towing, deck seamanship
  • Weapons: missiles and rockets, mines and torpedoes, guns
  • Communication: audio and visual
  • Rank and Rate
  • Weather
  • Conditions of Readiness

In addition to the above, our trainer can include other topics in the course according to the student’s or employer’s wishes. In addition to job-specific language, the course may also contain other important areas of English such as relevant general grammar or general reading, listening and writing skills. The course is designed to suit the needs, levels and schedules of the participants. Level testing is also available.


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