English for Scientists

English for Scientists is a specialized course designed for student and professional scientists from all disciplines. It focuses on practical tasks to develop the complex language and communication skills required by the science specialist working and publishing in an international science environment. The course offers instruction in all areas of practical language use, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Emphasis may be placed on one or more of these skill areas, depending on the specific needs of the students.

The course can include the following topics:

  • Practical and personal: career choices, applying for research funding, writing a résumé or CV, preparing for an interview, socializing at a conference
  • Experiments: describing approaches to data collection, designing an experimental set-up, making predictions of experimental results, describing a process, evaluating the results, describing problems
  • Writing up research: describing states and processes, describing data, analyzing statistical data, summarizing and describing data in visual form, organizing results and discussion sections, writing an abstract
  • Presentation skills: giving a paper at a conference, participating in seminars and panel discussions, taking part in a meeting, communicating with scientific communities

The course is tailored to suit the needs, levels and schedules of the students. It can be arranged as an individual or small group course. Because it is focused on specialized vocabulary and topics, the participants should have at least basic skills in English prior to the course. If necessary, we can assess the levels of the participants before training begins.


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